At South Australian Police Historical Society, we are very keen to preserve Police History in a more tangible sense. Our five galleries are filled with interesting and unusual items that the police have used to do their job in protecting the South Australian public.

​See radio equipment, police uniforms, STAR Group equipment, breath analysis machines amongst other equipment.

Bob Potts Gallery

With a focus on the first 100 plus years, follow the unique history of the South Australia Police, the first centrally organised police force in Australia and one of the oldest police forces in the world.

Make your way through a wide range of fascinating displays, see how the police force was first established; how Police Commissioner Alexander Tolmer and the early police troopers in the 1850’s saved the fledgling Colony of South Australia from bankruptcy; explore the role of camels in outback policing; examine the development of women police and the advancement of Aboriginal people in SAPOL; see an amazing display of early police uniform items and discover the role of SAPOL in the early policing of the Northern Territory.

Robert Clyne Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to police operations, crime investigation and police forensic science in South Australia. Marvel at the displays and the advancement of technology in police forensic science and crime scene investigations; discover the early history and development of CIB detectives and crime investigation; ponder over a murder scene and read about some of the most notorious crimes committed in SA. Other fascinating exhibits include the renowned STAR Group operations; early SA Police Emergency Operations and Cliff Rescue equipment; a police underwater diver and on view is the first-ever police drone of its type used in Australia.

Other special theme displays include a fascinating insight into the deployment of police in overseas international peacekeeping and assistance missions; a replica 1900 era police station office; a comprehensive display of police technology and communication equipment and much more.

Dorothy Pyatt Gallery

Take a few minutes to examine a Police Wall of Remembrance dedicated to police officers who died in the execution of their duty; see the uniforms of several former Commissioners of Police and Senior Officers; delve through the hands-on displays of early police criminal photographs and ponder over the expansive display of early police photographs and other fascinating items including a rare letter of appreciation signed by all of the Beatles, sent by them to the Police Commissioner following their 1964 visit to Adelaide.

Roy Harvey Gallery

The ‘wow gallery’.  Wander through and examine what is considered perhaps one of the largest and most comprehensive displays in the world today of Australasian and International police badges, headdress, patches and uniforms from almost every police force in the world.  Marvel at some of the rarest police badges of early police forces many of which no longer exist, along with comprehensive displays of current police badges and uniform items from France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Europe and many other countries.

Bruce Furler Gallery

Come and see the collection covering the history of most modes of SAPOL transport. Bicycles from the 1900’s, motorcycles and motorcycle outfits. Motor vehicles including the 2nd SAPOL Police Car,  a 1923 Bianchi, replica “Black Mariah” horse drawn prison van, Bedford prison van, Holdens and Chryslers and the 1947 police launch the “William Fisk.”

See part of the history of Holden cars manufactured in South Australia. The FJ Holden Patrol Car, a Chevrolet Lumina LHD Executive Sedan Pilot Car manufactured at the Holden Elizabeth Plant for evaluation by Middle Eastern Police Forces and the 2017 VFII Evoke V6 Holden Commodore Sedan – the last Holden Police car manufactured for SAPOL at the Holden Elizabeth Plant before its closure.