Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic requests for research may be delayed. Please read our statement for more information.

Instructions for submitting Research and Photographic requests

Note: The South Australian Police Historical Society Inc. holds records on Police and policing. We do not hold Correctional, Coronial, Criminal or Court Outcome Records.

Research fees are a part of the South Australian Police Historical Society’s income and are essential in the maintenance of existing hard and electronic records and in the acquisition of additional records.

All South Australian Police Historical Society Inc. members are volunteers who undertake research and associated work on a non-profit basis.  Researchers often spend considerable time and effort in preliminary searches which often locate little or no detail.  This is often the case with early hand-written records and photographs which are very limited or may not be available.
Research will only be commenced on receipt of the completed Research and Photographic Request form.  The Request form must contain precise detail to ensure as far as possible the accuracy of information ultimately provided. The form has been drafted to address all necessary detail.

A return postal address and contact telephone number are essential and will enable researchers to make personal contact at any stage should clarification be required.  

Research and Photographic – Preliminary and Full

On receipt of the fully completed “Research and Photographic Request” form a preliminary search of Society records, including photographic holdings will be undertaken.  No fee is required for a preliminary search.  The aim of this search is to confirm whether the Society holds records or photographs relevant to the request, estimate the time and resources necessary to prepare an information package and to produce an invoice.

The invoice will clearly identify the fee to be paid before further research is undertaken and the information package is prepared.  It will be forwarded to the person initiating the request who will then be able to decide whether to proceed.  

No further research will occur until payment has been confirmed.


A fee of $35.00 will apply covering the first hour of research, the preparation of photographs, the information package and postage. Where research or time in preparation exceeds one hour a fee of $15.00 per hour or part thereof will apply.

The invoice will identify the full fee required to be paid prior to any work being undertaken.


Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is preferred. The South Australian Police Historical Society’s BSB is 805-005 and the Account Number with the Police Credit Union is 100167433. 

Alternatively, a cheque or money order made payable to the S.A. Police Historical Society Inc. is acceptable.

Credit Card facilities are now available but prior arrangements for this method of payment must be made.

Work on requests cannot commence until the Society is able to confirm payment has been received and linked to your identity. If payment is made via EFT, or other electronic payment, it is essential a clear reference to your surname/family name is included.

Delivery of Results

In most cases the South Australian Police Historical Society Inc. will deliver information packages via Australia Post.  Consequently, please ensure a current postal address is included on the “Research and Photographic Request” form.

All possible care is taken in correlating information collected and presented, however, the South Australian Police Historical Society Inc. cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions existing in official records.

Request form

Once you have read these instructions and are ready to submit your research request, click the link below.